Henchman, Daniel (Boston, MA)

Daniel Henchman


Cornhill, Corner of King Street, opposite the Old Brick Meeting House


Massachusetts ( 1731-1761*) 1.

  • Henchman died on or before 1761 according to an advertisement quoted in the Grolier club cataloge. Catalogue of Ornamental Leather Bookbindings, pg. 93.

"In 1728 Daniel Henchman,Gillam Phillips,Benjamin Faneuil, Thomas Hancock, and Henry Derring obtained a charter from the Province of Massachusetts Bay to start a papermaking business, which was granted a ten year monopoly"... American Paper Mills 1690-1832, John Bidwell pg.85

  1. Hannah French, "Early American Bookbinding by Hand" from: "Bookbinding in
    America" Lehmann-Haupt ed. 1967. pg.100. from The Grolier Club, Catalogue of
    Ornamental Leather Bookbindings, pg. 93.

  2. (1761) would be succeeded by Warton and Bowers in 1761. Leander Bishop,
    History of American Manufacturer, 1868, pg. 192.

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