Greenleaf, Thomas (New York, NY)

Thomas Greenleaf

Printer and Bookbinder*

3 Chapel Street

New York

New York ( 1787-1798)  1.

*Bookbinding presumably started in 1791, see 2 below

1.  Hannah French, "Early American Bookbinding by Hand" from: "Bookbinding in
America" Lehmann-Haupt ed. 1967. pg.106.

(1789) Printer, 196 Water St.. New York City Directory.
2. (1791). " Binding, Gilding & Blank-book Ruling Performed in the neatest
manner, and with the utmost expedition at Greenleaf's No, 195 Water St. In
(1791) Printer)New York City Directory.
order to give the most ample satisfaton to his customers in his general
business, as binding is closely allied with printing, Mr. Greenleaf has
engaged a complete binder, gilder, and ruler at an extraordinary salary, and
will engage that every one who may be pleased to employ him shall be
satisfied. or  no pay; and that all the work which may be done shall be
charged quite as low as the current prices... " New York Hourna, Dec. 21 1791
quoted in:  Dodd, Mead and Co.,The Bookman,  vol XVI, Aug. 1902- Feb.1903,

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