Gould, S. (New York, NY)

S. Gould

Bookbinder, and Bookstore

New York

New York 2.

1.(1805) Gould  & Co. is looking for a Bookbinder "who wishes to engage in
business as a Partner" Evening Post, Aug. 16, 1805

  1. (1805) "For Sale by S. Gould & Co. opposite the  City-hall, an excellent
    Standing Press, two Laying presses, two Ploughs,  an assortment of Gilding
    tools, and every other article complete for Bookbinding -Also , a considerable
    sock of Leather and some pasteboard. A young man inclined to purchase, may
    have the additional advantage of retaining the stand ,and the present
    establishment for business. Evening Post, New York, New York March 5, 1805.

  2. (1807) For sale, a Binders press... opposite the City Hall.. "Also a number
    of Rolls, pallets Stamps &c. and almost every thing requisite for bookbinding,
    for sale" : American Citizen, New York, New York, June, 26, 1807.

  3. (1818)  " a Bookbinder who is  a good workman may rent an upper apartment
    in the bookstore of S. Gold, and have binding dearly to employ his hands
    during the year. S. Gould". the Columbian, N.Y. N.Y. May 9, 1818.

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