Goodwin, Joseph (Philadelphia, PA)

Joseph Goodwin

Bookseller, Bookbinder, and Stationer

In Second Street, near Blackhorse Alley


Pennsylvania 1.

(1740) Enquire of Joseph Goodwin,Bookbinder, in Black-horse Alley, Philadelphia Pennsylvania GazetteFebruary, 11, 1746.

  1. ( 1742) "Joseph Goodwin, Bookbinder, From England, at the Shop belonging to Alexander Miller, Peruke-Maker, in Second -street, near Black-Horse-Alley" Pennsylvania Gazette June 10, 1742.

  2. ( 1742) Mr. Saits, a Dutch Bookbinder, and Joseph Goodwin  would regularly do work
    for Franklin in 1742. Benjamin Franklin's Account for 1742 calendar 6.

  3. (1742)  Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts, vol. 25 no. 1. 1999.
    Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts identification number: 13610

  4. (1743) Is removed from his Shop, in Second-street,into Black-Horse Alley" "New or old books,in the neatest Manner"..."Merchant Account-Books".. sells books and stationary. Pennsylvania Gazette March 31, 1743.

(1746) "All persons indebted to the estate of Joseph Goodwin, late of Philadelphia, bookbinder deceased, are desired to make speedy payments"The Pennsylvania Gazette, February, 10. 1747.

(1747) "To be sold by said Lewis Evans, a complete sett of Bookbinder's Tools, Containing, among other things, a vast variety of gilding tools, rollers, and four sets of letters" The Pennsylvania Gazette February, 17, 1747.

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