Gideon, J. & G. S. (Washington, DC)

J. (Jacob) S. Gideon Jacob & George S.

Printers & Bookbinders

Washington City (1853) 1.

  1. (1840) COPARTNERSHIP- "The undersigned has associated with him in business of Printing and Bookbinding, his son, George S. Gideon"... The Madisonian, January 5, 1841.

  2. (1844) Ninth Street. The Daily Madisonian, February 26, 1844.

3.(1853), Ninth Street near Pennsylvania ave. The Washington and Georgetown Directory, Strangers' Guide-book

  1. Ticket in the Collection of the Virginia Historical Society, (1997.191.6.2)
    prov. John & Suse Field
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