Gane, H. A. (Boston, MA)

H. A. Gane*


27 Cornhill


Massachusetts, 1852. 1.

  • "A. Gane, who was born in England and was apprenticed there severn years in the bookbinder's trade/ At twenty -one he cane to the United States, first to New Haven and later to Brattleboro, where he was in the employment of Holbrook & Fessenden's typographical company. He left Brattleboro in 1840 becoming a bookbinder on Cornhill in Boston." Mary Rogers Cabot, Annals of Brattleboro, 1681-1895, pg. 475.

(1849) Tilden & Gane see: Tilden & Gane

  1. Boston Directory, 1852,  Adams. also:Massachusetts Register for the year
    1853, George Adams

  2. Bookbinders' Stock & Tools, 50 Corn Hill. 1863 Boston Directory, Adams.

  3. "In 1846, Henry A. Gane, a Boston Bookbinder, laid aside the tools of his
    trade and devoted full time to purchasing supplies and materials, selling them
    to his fellow craftsmen." (Gane Brothers Company  History) This would become
    the foundation of one of the largest bookbinders supply companies.  He is
    still listed as a bookbinder in the register of 1853.

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