Fry, Richard (Boston, MA)

Richard Fry

Stationer,  Bookseller, Paper-maker, & Rag-merchant

at Mr. Tho. Fleet's Printer at The Heart  and Crown in Cornhill*


Mass. 1. 1732

  • The Grolier Club, Catalogue of Ornamental Leather Bookbindings, pg. 95

  • Originally from London.  "appears to have been one of the earliest blank
    book manufacturers in that city"(of Boston) "He assured the merchants in a
    card that he would sell them all sorts of account-books, done after the most
    acute [sic] manner, 20 per cent cheaper than they were accustomed to have them
    from London". John Luther Ringwalt, "American Encyclopedia of Printing,
    Philadelphia,1871 pg 431. J. Leander Bishop in his History of Am.
    Manufacturer, pg 197 attributes this quote to a May 1732 ad. in Thomas Fleet's
    weekly Rehearsal.

  • First paper mill in New England. J. Leander Bishop, History of American
    Manufacturer, pg. 197.

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