Freygang-Leary Co. (San Franiso, CA)

Freygang-Leary Co.

Bookbinders and Blank Book Manufacturers

113-119 Davis Street

San Francisco

California. 1.

  1. San Francisco Business Directory 1897. First listing in the directories.
    There was an Andrew J. Leary listed from 1891-1870 (see Andrew J Leary). They
    continued to be listed at this address until through 1905. In 1906 the Davis
    street area was destroyed in the 1906 fire. No listing for Freygang or Leary
    in 1907.

  2. Freygang Printing (listed under Bookbinders), 1322 Howard Street, 1908,
    Crocker Langley S. F. Business Directory. T. J. Leary is listed as the
    president of the International Brotherhood of Bookbinders', under
    Associations, 1908 Crocker Langley S. F. Business directory.

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