Foster, Hiram Thatcher (Boston, MA)

Hiram Thatcher Foster Sr. (Jr. below)

Blank Book Manufacturer

193 Court Street


Mass. 1.

  1. b. Dorchester, Mass Jan. 5, 1813 d.  May 2, 1880. served in the Civil war
    with  the  Thirtieth Massachusetts volunteer infantry. Later transferred to
    the reserves and was on guard at the theater the night President Lincoln was
    assassinated. Frederick Clifton Pierce. Foster Genealogy, pg 639

  2. After the Nov. 9, 1872  fire moved to " burnt district" at 25 Arch Street. 

  3. Hiram Thatcher Foster Jr. b. Dec. 7, 1842 d. April 17,1890, served in the
    civil war, discharged in July 1865, Would take over the bindery upon the death
    of his father. Would do the bindery work for the city printers, Rockwell &
    Churchill, doing Documents, minutes and Masonic pamphlet work. ibid pg. 679

  4. Henry Foster b. Boston Dec.15, 1840. Father Hiram Sr..  Bookbinder before
    the Civil War and Printer and Bookbinder after.

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