Elward, Richard (Natchez, MS)

Richard Elward

Printer, Stationer, Bookbinder and Bookseller
612 Washington Street (residence)(2)


Mississippi (1845-1847) 1.

  1. Daybook of  Elward's papers 1845-1847.  Duke University Library.
  2. Elward's home is still standing in Natchez

  3. (1830) Worked as a clerk for Prescott and Fleming, Bookbinders, Blank Book makers and Stationers. O'Brien, Conjectures of Order, vol.1, pg.481.

  4. "Richard, a bookbinder and his brother, Thomas went to Natches... and "They filed their declaration of intention for citizenship there in 1839" Ancestry.com message board under: Richard Aylward.

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