Douglas, John (Boston, MA)

John Douglas



Massachusetts (1768)1.

  1. Hannah French, "Early American Bookbinding by Hand' from: "Bookbinding in
    America" Lehmann-Haupt ed., 1967, pg. 100.

  2. "This Day run away from the Subscriber, an Apprentice Boy, named John
    Douglas, aged about 17 years, small, round shouldered, wears his own Hair,
    very much addicted to Coughing and Drinking, by Trade a Bookbinder...Whoever
    secures said Run-a-way shall be handsomely rewarded, by Wm. McAlpine" The
    Boston Gazette and County Journal, November 28,1768. from;  Catalogue of
    Ornamental Leather Bookbindings, Grolier Club, pg. 97.

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