Dimond, Henry ( , HI)

Dimond, Henry *


Sandwich Islands (1834) 1.

  • Henry Dimond, b. Fairfield Ct. in 1808 . came to Honolulu in 1834 aboard the Hellesport as a missionary, remained there after his "release in 1850.  Wife: Ann Maria Anner, b. New York 1808, married Nov. 3, 1834. Messrs. Dimond and his wife would arrive in the sixth wave of missionaries.  Rufus Anderson, history of the Sandwich Island Mission.pgs 337 & 382 . Portraits states that Henry arrived in Honolulu on  June 6, 1835 (differs from date above). " During Mr Dimond's missionary service a large array of publications in attractive form were put forth from the Mission Press and Bindery. First edition of the Bible completed. may 10, 1839." Portrait of Henry and his wife  in:Portraits of American Protestant Missionaries to Hawaii, by Hawaiian  Mission Children's Society

  • William Geiger had been engaged to marry a woman, in Philadelphia, who
    would leave him "to marry a young bookbinder by the name of Dimond who was on
    his way to the Sandwich Islands to bind books for missionaries there".... /:
    The Oregon Territory Inhabitants Prior to 1839:

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