Dean, John (Philadelphia, PA)

John Dean

Bookbinder And Stationer

at Swifts's Head, in Front street between Chestnut and Walnut street


Pennsylvania. 1.

Front Street Between Walnut and Chestnut.(cir.1769-1782) Trade cards of The American Antiquarian Society

  1. Pennsylvanian Gazette, July 10, 1766.

2.(1774) Laetitia-Court, Dec 28, 1774. Documents relating to the Colonial History
of  the State of New Jersey, first series  vol.  XXXI  ed. by Van Doren.

  1. (1775) "As he has for several years past been foreman in some of the first binding rooms in London and Dublin, he flatters himself with being able to please such Ladies and Gentlemen as favor him with their commands" Pennsylvania Packet,January 2, 1775.
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