Day, William A. (New York, NY)

William A. Day      (not to be confused with William Day, Bookbinder, NY, NY)*


68 Fulton

New York

New York, (1825 ) 1.

Hanna French pg.105. Not in Spawn. see Huttner, (pg. 70), for the  history of 
William (of John & William Day )  and William A. (1825-1842)

1.(1825)Longworth Directory, pg.158. Same address in 1826,1827,1829, Longworth Directory ,

2.(1828) Day and Murphy Bookbinders, 68 1/2 Fulton, Longworth Directory,pg. 211.

3.(1829) 68 Fulton. New York Directory pg.183.

4.(1832)20 Wall. New York Directory pg.245. same address in 1833. 1834

5.(1837) 52 Gold. New York Directory pg.194.

(1839)74 Fulton Street. Longworth, Directory of the City of New York, pg. 204.

not in 1841 new York Directory

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