Currie & Pumfrey (Richmond, VA)

(John) Currie* & Pumfrey

Bookbinders & Stationers


Virginia 1.

not in Spawn

There is also a Archibald Currie in Richmond: Thomas Brend and Archibald
Currie, Bookbinders of the City of Richmond May 2,1794. Agree to bind the Laws
of the State of Virginia. Calender of the Virginia State Papers, Jan. 1 1794
to May 16, 1795, vol VII ,H. W. Flournoy, pg. 128.

  1. No date probably 18th century. "They have always a large assortment of
    Account Books ruled and blank, with every article of Stationary for sale"... 
    Label in the collection of the Virginia Historical Society, (1997.191.6.2)
    prov. John & Suse Field.

  2. (1802)  ... "It is earnestly requested, that , should there be any claims
    against the late concern of Currie & Pumfrey, they may be brought in for
    adjustment; and those indebted thereto are solicited to come forward and lose
    their accounts, John Pumfrey, surviving, partner"Virginia Argus,(Richmond)
    Jan. 12, 1802

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