Castillar, Mrs Sadie (San Francisco, CA)

Mrs. Sadie Castillar*


605 Montgomery

San Francisco

California  (1883-1906) 1.

*The Castillar's S.F. bookbinding business started with Mrs. Sarah Castillar 1883 & 1884. In 1885 it became Mrs. H. M. Castillar 1885-1901, 605 Montgomery (see separate listings).

Castillar placed regular advertisements in the Overland Monthly in 1893 as:
Mrs. H. M Castillar, Book & Pamphlet Bindery.

  1. San Francisco Business Directory 1902

  2. 608 Clay,San Francisco Business Directory 1904

No directory in 1906 because of the 1906 fire. Did not appear in the "May 1906
Relief Directory". 506 Clay Street was in the burned area of San Francisco. No
listing in 1907 the first directory after the fire.

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