Carlisle, A. & Co. (San Francisco, CA)

A. Carlisle & Co.

Blank Book Manufacturers

226 California St.

San Francisco

California 1.

  1. San Francisco Business Directory, 1886 (first listing in the directories)

  2. 218 California, San Francisco Business Directory, 1887

  3. 212 Battery, San Francisco Business Directory, 1888 (still listed on
    Battery in 1890, the last directory checked)

  4. 417 Montgomery St. 1892 San Francisco Business Directory.

  5. No listing under bookbinders or Blank Book Manufacturers 1895-1906 if they
    remained on Montgomery the would have burned in the 1906 fire.

  6. 1128 Mission (Bookbinders) 1907 San Francisco Business Directory,the first
    directory after the fire. Carlisle would remain in business well into the
    second half of the 20th century.

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