Blunt, Edmund M. (Newburyport, MA)

Edmund M. Blunt

Bookseller and Bookbinder


Massachusetts 1.

  1. (1800)  January 1. Salem Gazette, Salem, MA.

  2. (1801) Newburyport Bookstore..."WANTED AT THE ABOVE PLACE, Two Journeymen
    Printers and two Bookbinders , to good workmen constant employment and SEVEN
    DOLLARS per week will be given, also 2 Apprentices at the Bookbinding
    business, Alad of 14 or 15 years old to attend the Bookstore, will meet good
    encouragement." Newburyport Herald, Newburyport, Massahusetts, March, 6 1801.

  3. (1801) "Notice. The Subscriber intends to leave this country on October,
    for some months, requests those who gave accounts open against the late
    company of Blunt and Robinson, Blunt and March or himself, to present them for
    settlement.Those of his friends who will entrust him with such orders sa they
    may gave for London, may depend on every attention in his power, for the
    faithful discharge of the same. N.B. While absent, his Printing Bookbinding
    and Bookseling business & c. will be conducted by Mr. Jeremy Stickney. Edmund
    m. Blunt, Newburyport, July 30, 1801."Newburyport Herald, Newburyport,
    Massachusetts, August, 7, 1801

  4. (1807)  Wanted immediately, Two lads , as Apprentices" enquirer of E. M.
    Blunt of Joseph Burrill.: Newburyport Herald, Newburyport, Massachusetts,
    January, 20, 1807.

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