Andrews, William (Boston, MA)

William Andrews*


51 Marlborough Street


Massachusetts, 1.

  • (1795) one of the original members of the  Association: Joseph T. Buckingham, Annals of The Massachusetts  Charitable Mechanic Association, 1853.   Born in Boston, learned bookbinding in Worcester and opened his Boston Bookbindery at the age of 21. Ran a large bindery which did work for Thomas & Andrews. Was in a partnership with William Goodwin for a few years. Joseph T. Buckingham, Annals of the Charitable Mechanic Association, pg. 39.

  • (1796) 51  Marlborough street. Boston City Directory ( same street in
    1798,1800 no number)(not listed in the 1789 Directory

(1801) " The shop of William Andrews, bookbinder at Boston, has been damaged
by fire" Gazette of the U.S. (Phil. PA) May, 5, 1801

  1. (1803) 32 Summer Street.  Cotton. The Boston Directory, pg. 11 (same
    address 1805 & 06).

  2. (1806) Andrews & Cummings, Booksellers, 1, Cornhill. Boston City
    Directory.   About 1805 Andrews and Cummings took over the circulating library
    of William P. Blake. (note Blake was still listed as a librarian at no 3
    school street in the 1805 Boston City Directory)  Cummings would retire in
    1809 and Andrews would die in 1812. Jesse H. Shera Foundation of the Public
    Library .pg.138.

  3. (1809) Andrews & Goodwin, Bookbinder 32 Summer street, Bookseller 1
    Cornhill. Boston City Directory (the 1808 directory was not checked)

  4. (1810) William Andrews, Bookseller, 1 Cornhill. no Goodwin  Goodwin listed
    separately as a Bookbinder with a residence on S. Federal court.Boston City

  5. Hannah French, "Early American Bookbinding by Hand" from: "Bookbinding in
    America" Lehmann-Haupt ed., 1967, pg.100

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